Lanna is the ancient name for the northern region of Thailand. This region is blessed with beautiful high mountains, clean air, and a cool climate - the perfect environment for cultivating tea. Many tea farmers in this region continue to cultivate tea in traditional organic ways, resisting the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Furthermore, on many of these farms, the tea leaf is handpicked and only the top leaf of each plant is harvested in order to produce the highest quality teas. 

       At Lanna Tea, we are committed to the search for the highest grade top-leaf tea suppliers. This
commitment to quality is yours for the tasting in the wide range of tea products we sell, from our top-of-the-line oolong teas to our many varieties of flavored black tea , green tea, and health blend teas.

       To complement our various lines of teas, we also supply teaware essential in the brewing process. You can choose from hand-blown glass teapots, japanese style cast iron teapots, and various tea strainers.

        In recent years, we have also been asked to supply tea services to a number of Thailand’s top five-star hotels. These hotels include the Mandarin Oriental in Chiang Mai, the Sheraton hotel in Bangkok, LeMeridien Hotel in Chiang Rai, the Marriott Hotel, and the Hyatt Erawan in Bangkok. More information click here!